Monday, 22 July 2013

How To Stay Active During Fasting In Ramzan 2013

The sacred 1 month of Ramzan has just came and we must welcome this sacred 1 month by getting ready for these religious 1 month. Allah has set this 1 month for his praise and going on a quick which method for not to eat for a set time that is from beginning to sunset.

This season the 1 month of Ramzan will be in This summer which is the most popular 1 month of the season and the quick is expected to be 16 time long almost which indicates the finish abstinence from meals and it will be about one third time going on a quick in 24 time of the day. The 1 month of Ramzan not only comes with going on a quick but it also has many health advantages for all Muslims. Fasting drenches the power from body system making us less effective during day so we must know how to remain effective during going on a quick in Ramzan.
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