Thursday, 25 July 2013

Latest Branded Shoes in Pakistan Eid Collection

Females are always eager to have a rich variety of labeled shoes that can coordinate their clothing completely, and can make them look gorgeous and fashionable. There are several shoes types of labeled shoes, being available in Pakistan. These shoes manufacturers maintains great significance and value, as modern women are highly aware about their category, position and pride. The labeled shoes not only indicate the significance and popularity of the brand, but also the client's fulfillment and preference towards their products.


Borjan is a very popular name for labeled shoes. Borjan has been judgment the market for the last 16 years, and is an unique product that provides stylish labeled shoes appropriate for all events. Women simply love to wear Borjan shoes products. The primary sector of Borjan is to provide top quality modern shoes made-up of quality components to make sure strength and convenience, along with style and charm.


Servis shoes is a 50 years old, major brand of Pakistan that provides outstanding labeled shoes to its customers, and has around 400+ stores all over Pakistan. Servis shoes provide both, regionally produced as well as worldwide released types of labeled shoes. Its highly effective motto ‘Feel Good’, fully warrants its shoes selections. The beauty of the Servis labeled shoes can be found in its comfortable framework, amazing styles, and varied shades. Servis shoes has 7 further sub-brands such as ‘Cheeta’, ‘Don Carlos’, ‘Calza’, ‘Soul Collections’, ‘Liza’, ‘Snooz’ and ‘Toz’.

Bata – I love my shoes:

Another most well known and efficient name for labeled shoes in Pakistan, is Bata. The exciting thing about Bata is that it was established before Pakistan came into lifestyle. Ever since, Bata is attempting to sustain a top quality popularity by production and generating superior quality labeled shoes, appropriate to provide the needs of all age categories. In addition, Bata has been developing worldwide level shoes variety depending on the modifying fashion and moving styles.

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