Monday, 22 April 2013

Latest Indian Makeup Tips for Bridal

When chirpy audience Annie had written to me asking for some guidance on her cosmetics for her future marriage, I was beyond excited to discuss what I realized with her. Now, I am not wedded yet, but many of my buddies have been and I have discovered a lot from their marriage cosmetics problems. This is what I had written to Annie…I wish it allows other marriage women.

When you study it you will see that I discuss moisture a lot, that because I have tried to aim this for marriage brides engaged and planning a marriage in summer season / stormy year in Indian. Again, all this is just my viewpoint, something that I think I would do if I were to get wedded. Please you can discuss your guidelines and techniques to help other marriage brides look their best on one of the most important times of their lifestyles.
Before you start applying makeup run an ice cube all over your exfoliated face and neck. It helps with the pores, makes you feel fresh.Invest in a great concealer and an under eye brightener. I personally think a great concealer is much more important than foundation.
Use MAC Strobe Cream / Clinique Uplighting Liquid Illuminator under your foundation. Alternatively you could also mix it with your foundation and apply all your face and neck. An alternate to it would be the
Glow is the key word here – not shimmery, not shiny and definitely not plain matte. So, get a highlighter to highlight your cheeks, bridge of your nose, forehead and chin. This should give you the glow you yearn for  They fill in the lines on your lips giving a more full appearance. Apart from this your lips will look great in pictures because any shimmery/shiny gloss reflects better on a smooth surface.
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