Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tips For Straight Curly And Given Them Hair Style

Curly are liked by most of us but the individuals who have them want to directly them up. The purpose of this is that it is challenging to handle and detangle. The designs given to wavy locks are also restricted as in comparison to directly locks. But now it is not challenging to provide a new look to your wavy locks by hair styling them up. You do not have to modify the inherited series of the wavy locks to directly them up. There is just the need of following guidelines to create them directly. There are two methods which are used to uncurl them. By the use different hair styling resources By the use of chemicals.


There is great risk of using the termic tools with straightening process is that roots of hair get weakened.
The heat used will take away the moisture content of the hair and they become more and drier with continuous application of such tools.
Chemical stuff used also drags away the natural hydrated content.
These make the hair brittle and hair texture lost its luster.
Hair follicles sometimes get damaged and baldness is seen if not used with precautions.


Used in healthy hair
Always keep them away from the roots of the hair.
Start the manual tools of straightening from scalp to the free ends.
Avoid frequent use of such products.
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